April 28, 2009

Happy spring, everyone!!!

this entry is in honor of a friend, annabel. (yes, she's alive)

Photographed here, is an object from an installation I'm currently working on. Materials used are cardboard paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, and glue. The tapestry behind it was found. Or.... maybe I was lost and now I'm found. By this beautiful beautiful piece of fabric. (the tapestry is not part of this piece- it's just temporarily being used as a protective ground or base)

The following are some photos of things you are probably thinking about:

(I don't think I need to supply you with details of what this is. It's pretty recognizable.
But to any of you new to this planet, this image is of a chain-linked fence.)


(Beef Tripe- a delicacy)(cow stomach- i think?)


Communication Corporation said...

holy crap! that tripe is a crazy looking force of nature. -jason

Annabel said...

tripe! thanks. i want to do one for you but i have to work on it.